More than two years Riding for the Son

The CMA Alicante Chapter, after a few months of preparation in which the corresponding courses were carried out, started its routes in August 2007, and finally its colors Amado and Jacqueline, who were the first brothers to raise this ministry in Alicante, and specifically in the city of Dénia.

Between 2007 and 2014, new members were added to this ministry, including Antonio, Candy, Brian, Mikel, George and Susana.

In 2009 the presentation of CMA was made to which the Motors Clubs of the region were invited. It was a day organized in the facilities of the Evangelical Church of Denia, who always supports us in this ministry and attended by numerous bikers who really encouraged our subsequent actions.

The formal formalization of the Chapter was done in 2014 when the necessary members were obtained for its creation, being its current president Amado Chinchilla.

Among the main events organized by our Chapter, we can remember the acts celebrated in our Church, inviting our biker friends, to a biker wedding, a delivery of colors, a biker baptism and other similar events.

Also during these years the bonds of friendship and camaraderie have been strengthened with different biker groups, who have invited us to their gatherings and events more significant, allowing us in some cases to mount our Stand CMA.

The Alicante Chapter works thanks to its members and their churches that in the actuality support us at all times. But it is important to emphasize that our entire ministry is based on God, so we meet every 15 days to remember our end and prepare our future actions with the help of the Lord with a time of prayer and fraternity.