Antonio Rosado Garrido
CMA Spain President

Back in 2000, I was a member of a famous motorcycle club in Jerez and had a cocktail bar, which was the official headquarters of the moto-club.

It practically made life at night, and so I deteriorated. I was getting into more and more problems: I smoked two daily packets of tobacco, alcohol problems, drug problems, uncontrolled sex, increasingly large debts, affectivity and love with my family was conspicuous by their absence.

I had already been divorced from my first wife, with her I had two children. Then I met another woman, with whom I also had another child, but that did not work either, because my life was a pure disorder. He led a life full of selfishness and rebellion. In that search for "freedom" that any biker seeks, I was only able to find debauchery and disordered passions.

One of the worst things that happened to me was when I had to make the decision to sell the motorcycle I had because of my financial situation. It was what I was missing!

I came to such a situation, that even, from time to time, the idea of ​​taking my life away, because I saw no future anywhere. I was totally empty.



But one of many nights, a good person came into the bar who started talking about "someone" who could change my life and give it a new meaning.

I doubted this, because my skepticism and pasotism prevented me from believing that this "someone" could exist.

Since I was little I had been raised in a catholic religious environment, like almost any Spanish, I even came to participate actively in the Easter brotherhoods. There was something inside me that impelled me to that spiritual search to know more about Jesus; But of course, always from the perspective that it was a past history and thinking that Jesus already died.

From time to time, I even gave myself paranoia and went to church, but as I did not finish to convince or to fill; It was always more of the same, the same routine. Within half an hour I was empty inside.

It was when this person told me about a living Jesus, and that He was the one who could change my life, when I could experience a real change within me.

But of course, not in a "religious" way, but more directly, more real, more alive. It was a personal relationship with Jesus, accepting him in my heart.



In my quest to get out of that hole I was in, I just told myself that for testing I would not lose anything, and that I was willing to do anything.

So I accepted Jesus of Nazareth as my savior and redeemer in my heart, and I repented of all my sins, believing that He died for me on that cross of Calvary; and that he not only died, but that he rose again on the third day.

You can believe it, or not, but I can tell you that from that day everything in my life was changing. I was transformed into another new person that grew inside me and that gave me a new desire to live, to feel life, to love more things and people.

Then I did not settle for just knowing of him, but I wanted to know him better.

"All the old things happened, behold, all were made new." And so I lived it in all areas of my life.



It was at that moment when I felt in my heart and in my mind the need to transmit and take to other bikers this passion for Jesus Christ, because in the way that helped me, I could help many who also needed it.

Everything started to take shape when someone from my family gave me a book about those who talked about Harley Davidson, I saw in a section dedicated to biker groups a headline that said : "Jesus is God." I observed, to my admiration, a photo of a meeting of bikers: leather clothes, vests, bible patches and crosses, tattoos, long hairs, etc. but there was something else ... with their hands raised they seemed to be praising the Lord. I said to myself: "this is what I look for and I want to achieve for my life" at the time I felt identified with them.

And, indeed, I was able to confirm that the decision I made that day was the most successful of all my life, to meet more bikers who in their day were involved in many problems and difficulties, but thanks to the Lord have achieved a new life full of hope, joy and love.

All the glory for the Father.