CMA in the Mediterranean Sea


Everything was born around the end of 2015, Manu Romero, a Christian from the Balearic Islands, came across the website of some Christian bikers, which aroused the desire to have a motorcycle again.

A few months later, the desire to have a new motorcycle hovered in his head. Years ago, Manu had been the victim of a very serious accident, causing problems, for which he had to spend a year with crutches.

But the Lord has plans for all people, and also for Manu. The fear of riding a motorcycle was gone!

As soon as they started the search for a motorcycle, along with his wife Conchi, they soon found a good offer, and decided to take it over. Everything was filmed until arriving at the CMA ministry. Manu contacted Antonio Rosado, the national president, and located us with the closest chapter, CMA Alicante.

Some time later, we went to meet the brothers there, being impressed and deciding to move forward. Our hope is that God will give us new members to form an official chapter of the CMA in the wonderful Mediterranean Islands.

The great blessing from our Lord regarding the ministry, came in 2019, where the official chapter of the Balearic Islands with five members was constituted.