The original idea of ​​the CMA ministry was born in 1972, when Herb Shreve, an evangelical pastor from Arkansas, bought a motorcycle to be closer to his somewhat rebellious teenage son. While they were shooting together at the various events and biker rallies, Herb noticed that many bikers had not heard the Gospel message.

At the beginning, he began to pray so that others could take the mantle of this ministry, and take the word of Jesus to the corners of the motor world, but finally, he accepted that task, and began to evangelize exclusively in motorcycle rallies. In 1975, he resigned his position as pastor in the church, and founded CMA. The organization was growing in more than 125,000 members and about 1200 chapters in the 50 States. Later, 31 chapters were founded in different countries, through international work.

We can not talk about CMA, without mentioning John Ogden Sr. John is the current Chairman of the CMA board of directors. He and his wife have been members since 1982, and have served in various ministries, taking leadership roles and being involved in evangelism for more than 40 years. Before being appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors, John was one of CMA's national directors, and even worked as an executive in the corporate world for more than 30 years before God called him to his current position. Currently, John Ogden Sr. directs CMA USA as a very effective ministry, traveling in the US and around the world, teaching leadership methods and Team Building skills, to encourage and grow CMA nationally and internationally.

René Changuion, a South African pastor, started in 1980, CMA South Africa, which was the first country to be part of CMA International, an international coalition of all CMA members around the world. For most of the story, CMA has attracted a lot of "custom" bikers. However, at present, the number of members between "Custom" and "Touring" has been matched with a new emphasis on sports motorcycles, acquiring these the name of Fast Lane of CMA.




CMA is therefore a ministry, not a club. The CMA ministry program is focused on making its members ministers of the word, so they can take it to any corner of the biker world. This in turn implies a break with the traditional distinctions in most Christian ministries. The members are part of the national Chapter, but also independent in each Local Chapter.

CMA operates under the title of a Board of Directors that works together with six regional evangelists and an evangelist to work on special projects. Together, this leadership team oversees the appointments of CMA, both at the state and national level in U.S.A, as well as the appointments of the Presidents in the rest of the countries.



The CMA ministry in our country was officially born in 2007. Our current President, Antonio Rosado, receives in that year the colors in the international convention of Leaders that is held in that year in Johannesburg (South Africa).

What led Antonio to contact CMA, was a research and search process personal, after becoming a Christ, and after seeing that in Spain there was no organization that brings together Christians who love the world of motorcycles. During the years of the ministry's life in Spain, we have seen how the number of members has been growing throughout the country.

During these years, we have traveled thousands of kilometers, attended dozens of gatherings and anniversaries, always being well received. We have also consolidated our presence in the great motorcycling events of our country, such as the GP of Spain in Jerez, or even in Portugal, in the Faro International Concentration.

CMA Spain is made up of men and women from different social groups, conditions, churches, denominations, etc. What unites us is the unbreakable love of God, to see how his grace has burst into our lives, makes us work together with only one vision: Change the world, one heart at a time. Our Lord Jesus Christ said: "God did not send his Son into the world, to condemn the world, but the world to be saved by Him" ​​(John 3:17), and that is why our desire is to offer friendship, help, respect and companionship to everyone who asks for it, trying to reflect the work of grace and mercy that God has worked on us.

Many of the members, we have led disordered and empty lives before knowing the Lord. Alcohol, drugs, crime ... everything leads to a life devoid of purpose and meaning. Thanks to Christ, we have remade our lives, enjoying more than ever our love for the two wheels, and our brothers and sisters in the ministry.


Any Christian can tell you that one of his most precious treasures is the Bible. God speaks to us through it, and we can find comfort, direction, exhortation, encouragement, hope ... Jesus speaks about the same Bible in Matthew 34:35; "Heaven and Earth will pass, but my words will not pass." God knows us perfectly, and helps us with his word every day.

CMA Spain makes a great effort to take the New Testament to fellow bikers. That is why, in 2012, with the help of Biker Church Europe, Bible Societies and with the collaboration of our brothers from Gospel Riders and CoveredBacks, we published the 1st edition of the Biker Bible. It is a detailed edition of the New Testament, including testimonies and experiences of Spanish bikers, some even members of CMA.

In CMA Spain We believe in the actuality of the Gospel message and the power of the Word of God to transform the lives of all those who approach it with humility and an open heart. Due to this belief, CMA Spain, in July 2015, got through a series of efforts and economic aid to launch the 2nd edition of the Biker Bible.

As Christians and bikers it is immensely satisfying to see how the Biker Bible is received with respect and becomes another element in luggage of travel in the suitcases and saddlebags of many motorcyclists in Spain. Since its edition, and in its 2 editions, CMA Spain has distributed among friends and road companions about 20,000 copies.


Throughout the history of the Church, many of our brothers have been persecuted and martyred for their faith. First it was the Roman circuses, later the bonfires of the Inquisition ... we were persecuted in the dictatorship and continued to be mocked or discriminated against. That is why our colors are not only attached to our vests, but they have been burned and sealed by the Holy Spirit in our hearts. They represent our way of life, our faith and the transformation that the love and grace of God has made in our lives. Yes, it is true, it is possible that at some point we fail and you see us fall, but you will also see us up because for what it is impossible for us to achieve, it is possible through faith in Jesus Christ.


The members of CMA Spain, also have the privilege of carrying two exclusive patches of our National Chapter.



This patch identifies us as a National Chapter, and represents us as Spanish members of the ministry in the different CMA events.



We received it in our Training Contact stage, and it represents the vision of the national president. Before CMA, he wanted to group Christian bikers under this emblem.


The CMA ministry started in 2002 CMA International.


This is an association of the different countries of CMA worldwide, previously known as the International Coalition of CMA. It is currently composed of 27 countries, and growing every day. We ask that you pray for this ministry, so that you can continue the work of getting involved in more parts of the world, helping the lost bikers in search of THE TRUTH.

The Association of Christian Motorcyclists (CMA) is an interdenominal organization without spirit of profit, with the objective of sharing the Gospel of Jesus mainly, though not exclusively, to the world of motorcycling and everything that surrounds it. At the moment, CMA International is formed not only by 27 active countries, but also by 7 countries in which the ministry is growing.

This international partnership started with CMA USA President, John Ogden Sr., which coordinates the efforts of CMA around the world and the American continent. René Changuion, president of CMA South Africa, is the current coordinator of CMA around Europe and Africa. CMA is in constant movement to attract new parts of the world to the ministry.