The Original Chapter of CMA Spain


The CMA Cádiz Chapter is the founding chapter of CMA Spain, and is part of the foundational history of this ministry in this country.

The former President of the chapter, Antonio Rosado, is the same of CMA Spain as the first Official member. He received his colors in 2007 in South Africa by participating in an international CMA meeting worldwide. There is no doubt that I could see the hand of the Lord at that time as people were added to this chapter of southern Spain. Our official headquarters is in El Puerto de Santa María. Our membership is spread throughout the province of Cádiz, and we congregate in different churches, making good our inderdenominacional character of this evangelistic ministry.

Based on visiting and getting to know the different groups of bikers (MC , MG, Associations and "Peñas" bikers) we have been making ourselves known in the provincial panorama of the biker world. Having our strongest point of activity on the dates of April-May on the occasion of the Championship of Spain of Motorcycling or better known internationally as MotoGP. Every year we have participated in different places in the city of Jerez and El Puerto, installing our informative and evangelistic tent, where we distribute brochures, literature and of course our Biker Bible to thousands of bikers who have been passing through all these years. by our stand.

I want to highlight our good relations with biker groups and classics in our province and even nationally and internationally, such as Cherokees, Cadiz Rockers, Cádiz Dragons, Custom Brothers, Legitimals, Rebels Cádiz, etc. they are always inviting us to their events and activities, being very well received.

In the history of the Cádiz chapter, and to put some "but" we must also talk about our difficulties on a personal level to move forward, given the problem we have in terms of the need for work for some of our members, unfortunately the province of Cádiz has the highest unemployment rate in Spain. And without hesitation we have been fighting against this impediment. But we believe and put our faith in the hands of our "Boss", that great God who can do everything and for Him there is nothing impossible, to continue in our task of enjoying the two things that we like the most, such as motorcycles and Jesus of Nazareth.