The First Chapter after the Foundational


CMA Córdoba was constituted as a chapter in May 2013 and after the founding Chapter, it was the first to be formed in Spain. It is currently composed of 9 official members and some Training Contacts that collaborate and help in various activities.

During these years we have traveled thousands of kilometers in order to establish bonds of friendship and respect with a large part of world motorcyclist, serving them and helping them in everything that is in our power to do.

All of us who make up the Cordoba Chapter have experienced the Grace of God in our lives and we have very close to our hearts the words of Jesus in John 12:47 "... because I have not come to judge the world, but to save the world."

We are not oblivious to problems and difficulties, but we cling with faith to a Word that we understood as specific for us. A Word that encourages us, raises and strengthens in difficult moments. The passage that you can read at the top of the page, shows us the road to which to ride with our motorcycles.