The Autonomic Chapter of CMA Spain


The history of the Northernmost Chapter of CMA Spain begins in Bizkaia in 2011.

On that date, two of the members of the Chapter of Cordoba, move to Eibar, and begin a Chapter in constitution.

The previous president of the Chapter, Ugo Cardona, was entrusted with the task of forming a Chapter that encompassed all the provinces of the Basque Country. After a few attempts, 4 Official members managed to get together. At that time, they were still insufficient to achieve the Official Chapter of CMA Spain.

To complete this stage, in 2014, a new member joins the Chapter, thus obtaining the name of EUSKADI Chapter.

This Chapter, is the most special of CMA, being formed by members of different provinces, and forming it by members of the entire regional community. At present, the chapter of Euskadi, already consists of 7 official members, and participate in all kinds of activities to bring the word of the Lord to different places, through this ministry.

After the departure of Ugo Cardona for reasons of transfer, the Chapter begins a new stage with Alfredo Gómez in front.