Growing up in the City of the Alhambra


This chapter starts in 2014. Rubén, current head of the Granada chapter, and a Christian biker without colors at the time, discovers the CMA ministry through the website.

In October that same year, Rubén initiates contacts and takes a motorbike to travel kilometers with CMA. After a series of contacts, in May 2015, and coinciding with the annual CMA Cádiz event in the GP motorcycle championship, Rubén receives the colors of Contact in Training.

Later, after continuing in contact and to overcome the questionnaire, in November 2015, he receives the colors of Aspirante in the general assembly of CMA at a national level, held in Ciudad Real. After a few months as an Aspirant, it is finally done with the colors and the status of Official member in June 2016, together with the visit of René Changuion to Spain.

The Chapter of Granada also works with the chapter in Almería Constitution side by side in the near events.