Javier Serrano Sánchez
CMA Cordoba

My name is Javier Serrano, and if you are reading this, it is likely that we will share a great fondness for motorcycles, as well as for the world that surrounds them. If so, words such as respect, loyalty and friendship have a special meaning for you and you can better evaluate the experience that one day radically transformed my life, filling me with the peace and freedom I always looked for.



Madrid, the end of the 70s ... It began at that time to explode what would later be called, quite generously, the 80s "movida". The desires of experiences and freedom flowed through the streets of Madrid as a fresh and irresistible torrent and I, like many other young people of my age, with only 13 years old, I began to experiment with hash, amphetamines, acids and of course the alcohol. The Madrid night was very attractive and the libertarian, festive and even cultural atmosphere of that time gave me a false sense of acceptance and control.

At that time my life was very normal since my family never had major social or economic problems. However, when I was 16, my mother, a teacher by profession, suddenly became ill. A year later he died of a brain tumor. Now I am aware that this fact definitely marked my life and was the main source of hatred and contempt for the life that nested in me and that led me to a desperate race towards destruction.

In the middle of this situation, continuing with the progression that usually occurs in the consumption of drugs, I began to consume "something stronger" and that by that time was considered as "the queen": Heroine. Little did we know at the time of the tremendous effects that this drug caused, since in a certain way it was mythologized, so that like me, it caught thousands of young people of my time, arriving to produce an epidemiological problem in Spain. Little by little his consumption was destroying not only me, but my family and the serious physical deterioration that I suffered in the six years that I was "hooked", I added the loss of the aspects that make up the very essence of the person: the respect and dignity. At the same time hatred and violence continued to grow within me.

Surely you have met someone in this situation, so I will not stop to detail what was my life in those six years that I was "hooked". Violence, crime and deception, as well as suffering and despair were me day by day and I evidently did things of which I feel very ashamed. There is nothing of value in it.



Then came the attempts to "rehabilitate me". I passed without any result by different methods and programs, from the psychiatric to the farms of "The Patriarch". As I failed again and again to get out of that, my despair increased and I thought my death was getting closer and closer. Finally and despite having many prejudices against, since I declared myself atheist and anti-clerical, I decided to enter a Christian Center in Cordoba that a friend told me about.

The first thing that surprised me when I arrived was the love and acceptance that they showed me. They were not conditioned by my appearance and attitude, but decided to continue working with me, even though I made it really difficult.



Among other activities, we had a time of prayer and reading the Bible ... Imagine! All this was very strange to me and at first it was a mockery for me. However, as the first weeks passed, I began to pay more attention to what that book, which I had for old, heavy and reserved exclusively for pious and holy people, spoke to my life. I began to read it little by little and without knowing very well what I expected to find in it. I soon discovered that the Bible was somehow very familiar! He talked to me about my problems, my thoughts, my frustrations, fears and uncertainties and I thought ... if in the street I believed and trusted everything they offered me, what harm could make me pay attention and try this now? It did not take me long to read more and more passages of the Bible avidly, beginning to apply to me some of the instructions that she gave me.



Among the most important, he spoke to me about the need to "speak" directly with God through prayer. I considered myself a very rational and realistic person, so it was very difficult for me to put this into practice. When finally, in my solitude, I decided to address God with my words and to show myself before him "Without masks, as it was, with my evils and failures, I experienced for the first time in many years the true peace and tranquility I needed for my life. God was interested in me, he loved me unconditionally despite my past, Jesus Christ had also died for me on that cross! I experienced that he was not the distant and moody God who lived locked in darkness and locked in a church, but he is alive and close, giving me continuous samples of his love for me.

More than 24 years have passed since then and many things have changed in my life. I am married and have two wonderful children, I recovered my family and my life found stability and meaning. Hate, violence and loneliness disappeared, now I am confident and confident in the will of God.

Therefore I encourage you not to despise or ignore a Bible, on the contrary, approach with humility and need to it, because it will be as a source of life and hope for you. It is very likely that you have not had to go through the same experience as me and think "this" is fine for people with a past like mine (you're right), but with the respect that any fellow biker deserves, let me tell you that we both know that it is not like that. We all have wounds and latent scars in our hearts and only He who designed us can help us find the path that leads to the perfect destiny that every human being longs for.

Love & Respect.