Jesús Ramírez-Cruzado
CMA Sevilla President

My name is Jesus, I was born in Seville, when I was very young I left school and started working. At 16 I bought my first motorcycle. In 1978, when I turned 18 and did not have a driver's license, I bought a Bultaco Frontera 370MK II. If I already believed with the small motorcycles the master of the world, with this, the universe was mine. All this led me to do "crazy" and commit crimes that made me fall into drugs. I even enlisted in the army, in the Legion in North Africa, to have it easier. I spent years moving in that world where things were getting worse and worse: easy money, drugs and the environment of criminals and traffickers in which I moved, were making my life a dark alley with no way out. I was becoming more and more dangerous and my crime bar was going higher and higher; I did not even stop my friends from going to jail, I thought luck was on my side.

At that time the "design" drugs and the heroin arrived; Thank God I can now say that the "horse" did not like me so I did not suffer the same fate as some of my friends, who died sadly. However, the abuse of other drugs began to take its toll. The luck that I believed on my side began to leave me, and the encounters with the police and with the victims of my robberies were more frequent. On one occasion, they killed a friend and soon the police killed me. I did not sleep or live quietly because of the uncertainty.

In those days I heard a preacher on the radio saying that God could change lives. I followed his preaching and after thinking about it a lot I decided to go one day to listen to him in person. I was in a tent in the middle of the street, he told me that God could help me start a new life. It took me some time to believe it, but when I decided to read the words of Jesus and put them into practice, everything began to change.

I started attending meetings regularly and making commitments to help others, even though I had not yet stopped using drugs. When God made me see that the decision I had made was good, that day I decided to throw away all the drugs I still had. That's when I experienced something wonderful, spending more time with others; I started for my family and I saw how God now took care of me.

Today I understand that if we do our part, God puts his own. With God's help I left that life. After carrying out various responsibilities I came to the pastorate and today I am pastor of two churches, one of them is where they first spoke to me about God. I am happily married to Caty, the beautiful wife that God gave me and I have two wonderful children.

I left everything that does not please God and, to my delight, I now use the bikes to carry the good news that God keeps changing lives. Your life can also be changed !!!